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See below for lots of Tick Bite Photo's and Pictures...Yuck!

Tick Bite Photo & Pictures

In this section we have provided lots of pictures, photos and images of Ticks on Dogs, individually and engorged while the feed. The photos are of a range of different varieties including the Deer Tick, Brown, Wood, Lone Star, American and others. We have also provided some images of a reaction to some bites known as the Bullseye Tick Bite rash. 

A Deer Tick Bite

The Bullseye Rash

Above is a Photo of the Bullseye Rash

The dreaded Bullseye Tick bite rash can sometimes develop after a deer tick bite. The scientific name for the rash is Erythema Migrans - some people think that this rash appears after every bite and only when Lyme Disease has been caught. This is actually not the case with the rash only appearing in about nine percent of cases.  

Another interesting fact is that a rash only appears when Lyme Disease has been caught in only thirty percent of cases - so in seventy percent of people who have caught Lyme Disease no rash is present at all - so you will need to look out for other symptoms. For more information take a look at www.canlyme.com

Hover over each picture for the name of each Tick

American Dog Tick
Brown Dog Tick
Lone Star Tick

If you discover that you have been bitten or your dog, keep a close eye on your overall health and also your dog's. If you have concerns that you have developed some of the common symptoms associated with Lyme Disease - such as blurred vision, headaches, muscle ache, tiredness, flu like symptoms, red eyes, a stiff neck, sickness, jaw pain and light sensitivity go to your Doctor's or take your dog  to the vet as early treatment is vital (look for similar symptoms in your dog).

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